The downstairs bath

So while I was working on the tub, I was also working on other projects in the bathroom. (I keep hopping from thing to thing because it does not get tedious that way.) I had a new window put in, (by a contractor), painted the walls and ceramic tiled the floor. The tub was coming along…  When I got the tub, it had no feet.  I looked everywhere for the feet but could not find them anywhere.  So I compromised, I built a base for the tub and tiled it.  I would still like to find the feet!

You know, while working on this house, I had to wait for a plumber to install the stove and dishwasher, so during the wait time, I used small appliances to cook…a toaster oven and things like that. All available on

The Kitchen

Ok, we worked in the kitchen for what seemed like a year!!  It was only 3 months.  Moving right along, to the laundry room.  We did some reconfiguration on the layout of the house. When we bought it, there was a half bath under the stairs and a laundry room between the kitchen and formal dinning room. We knew we wanted to foster kids, so we needed a full bath downstairs.  We moved the bathroom to between the kitchen and dinning room and put the washer and dryer under the stairs.  We cut out the wall and made a walk thru in front of the washer. (We had a professional come in and do the water and sewer reroute.) I found a claw foot bathtub on, it was awful. it was stained and rusty, but for 25 bucks and hard work it came out great. (It only took a month to get it sanded and painted.)

3 months in

Joe and I have been busting our behinds trying to get the kitchen done. During the 3 months of working weekends only, we are almost finished. The cabinets are sanded and painted, I have tiled over the site poured cement and tiled the back splash area. We had someone come in and replace the window. We used peel and stick tiles on the floor. (I will never use them again.) The peel and stick tiles are cheap, but they are really cheaply made.

During the first 3 months, we had the appliances delivered. Fridge, stove, dishwasher, cabinet mount microwave, and stackable washer and dryer. So all of this stuff is just sitting in the middle of the floor while we are working. It was like a maze trying to navigate the kitchen. Thank goodness the kitchen is very large.

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The Beginning Continued

As you know, we bought the house in December 2010.  Here it is November 2014 and we are still restoring the house. Ok, so we started in the kitchen, the first project was the cabinets.  We couldn’t afford to replace the cabinets so we took all 38 cabinet doors off and all 20 drawers out and placed them in the dining room. We stripped the cabinets and sanded them and painted them.  When the cabinets were done, we started on the doors and drawers.  This project took about 2 months to complete working on the weekends only.

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The Beginning


This is part of the kitchen, honestly it was one of the better kept areas of the house.  The kitchen took about 3 months to get it up to standards. The previous owner had built forms and poured cement for the counter…it was awful.  He needed to build the forms and pour the cement on the floor or somewhere, and then he needed to polish the counter so it would be workable.  It was full of air holes and very rough.  So here we go, December 24, 2010, the day after we closed on the house.  We start the demo…take down all of the cabinet doors.